Friday, October 9, 2009

all that i ever wanted to have...!

welcome to my next just want to talk about the things that i want the most in the world..ever...!besides the other!could i mention them here?its too many....well,kdg2 ak terfikir adakah ak dpt kehendak ak itu spenuhnye??sblm ak memejam mte mninggalkan dunie??hmmm...impossible is nothing rite?haha..just kne usehe je sume about the things that i ever wanted to have this time....can u look at the pic..??there la..<<know what the hell is that rite? is d-slr camera..i mean digital slr camera..a kind of thing that i really2 want wif all my heart...first of all, if i can get that thing..haha..i will spend my time wif it n luv it very2 much..huaa...n become a great2 photographer...n i will capture the most beautiful photo..i think im not eligible to be a doctor either a scientist....i just want to use my ability in taking a photo n application it in my daily life which is to be a photographer but i have to think about my ambition which is not my ambition anymore now that is to be a gynecologist..haish..its hard to be that good but i must go for it...n 1 more thing look at on this photo..haha...i just want to mention that i really want the yamaha guitar as my birthday present..i dun
mind when can i get that guitar but as long as it becomes my surprise birthday can be me:) about actually had a big2 crushed on a girl that can play a guitar..once more i mention..a GIRL..n totally not a boy like the other girls out there had a biggest crushed my first impression..i think playing a guitar is very2 easy..hah..but then..when i played it..i felt like to wear gloves..its really2 pain..but then when i think come a person like man kidal n superpower girl, yuna can play it very well...i hope i can play guitar like was really2 awesome....n the next thing
that i wanna talk about is..........taraaaaaaaaaaa....see
that pic...haha..the pic is in manchester...which is the place that i really2 want to is situated in england,uk... n i really2 wish that i could sit on that red chair wearing the manchester united jersey n chew the double mint chewing gum n see the match n cheer when rooney make a goal....ohh...what a wonderful day...but.....its just a dream....n i really hope that one day i can watch manchester united match in old trafford stadium..amin..ohh...yaa...tgnku dh pnt mnekan butang2 yg brhuruf ni n ak harap la sgt2....ak akn dpt mnde yg ak idam2kn slame ni...actually,byk mls dh nk tulis..ketemu lagi dlm blog seterusnye..adios amigos...!!

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