Tuesday, July 5, 2011


hey readers and followers.
ah, berhabuk-sawang dh belog aku neh. tade mase nk update since dduk kt maktab ni.
line lembab and nk pkai b/band tak mampu lg, tggu kewangan stabil.

this entry comes in matured way.
not the new adibah but the different person in adibah.
not alien but herself.
the true adibah.

in her way finding life, she learnt many things to help her grown very up.
experience teach us to be more matured than we used to be.
its not easy to do some changes in our life instead you have a big big and strong strong feeling to change.
it's not easy to make people satisfied with you. 
nobody is perfect.
you're not an angel either a guardian.
people make mistakes neither do i.

life is full of answers waiting to be discovered.
we have some rules in life without we know.
if we feel the life, we can realize the rules.

these are the rules that i think masuk akal to accept it.
  1. do have fun but not too much
  2. never hurt people. IMPORTANT so people don't hate us
  3. never defeat
  4. strive and fight for happiness and avoid the over sadness.
life is all about the top to the bottom.

if in the science field we discover and learn from the bottom to the top parts of the body,
same goes to life.
from babies until our last breathe, 
we still have a life. (wth that i'm talking about?)
i mean we still do our job and be responsible to the religion and our country.
people colour our lives.
so let's colour people's lives too.

the rule that i love the most is
don't hurt people's feeling.
it's painful and so hurt deep inside your heart even we don't see it through our face.
next, in our way to find what is life about, don't forget to be grateful and always pray to our Creator,Allah swt.

don't forget Him as He never forget us. 
in our way to find life, we can see and found the answer in Islam.
in order to remind people, i'd love to remind myself too.
24434-what is it?

do not be so desperate in life.
patience is something difficult and sometimes we have to do something desperate to forget it.
do not desperate to find a new love, a new thing, a new branded thing, a new gucci, oppss, a new shoes, until we lost something precious in our lives.
what are the precious things in your live?
ask youself.

last but not least,
have you found your love life?

tulus ikhlas,
adibah zulkefli.


  1. maturity comes with experience,not with your age cause experience doesn't know numbers....

  2. yes.experience teach us to be more matured than we used to be.